Inspirations for a New Year

New Year

As I think about this New Year which is eight and a half hours away, I am thinking of my goals to make this year more meaningful and focused. Goals can be as simple as cleaning a closet or being more organized. Yet they can be larger and more aligned with growth, and the path I want my heart and my life to go on. The goals that lead to a larger and more fulfilling life are the ones that I want to foster a clearer vision of for myself.  I have been thinking of  these types life changing ideas and hopes for approximately two years. While I have made some movements forward by becoming a certified holistic life, career & executive coach and taking a writers workshop I seem to stop myself from truly being engaged and following in my passions.

     So the questions become WHY NOT & WHAT WILL PROPEL ME FORWARD? I could be as cavalier as saying after working my entire life as student, graduate student, teacher, business woman, mom, daughter, wife and friend it is just easier not to do much of anything else or it’s easier not to begin new pursuits. (These are not all jobs all of the time. Many, many times they are pure joy. Yet, at some periods the amount of mental energy and demands have been all encompassing.) While my answer to myself is certainly true it simply is the surface answer.  The more complete answer is that changes especially ones that include putting oneself out in vulnerable positions such as a writer, blogger and beginning a new business as a personal coach are daunting and scary. They require great personal risk. The act of being vulnerable by it’s very definition is opening oneself to risk or being hurt. 

    So how does one move from fear of vulnerability and even the frightening thought of personal defeat? The answer is to find personal motivations and inspirations that can be held onto in one’s head and heart.

     My personal motivations are for me to my live life to the  fullest as a blogger, life coach and author. For everyone the motivations are different but for me it is separate and apart from my family and my friends. At a very significant level, I’d like to think I have mastered the roles I play in relation to those most important to me even while those people and our interconnections change. It is the deep down gritty, powerful, soulful, purpose driven thoughts that I need and want to turn into actions. So where do my inspirations come from to move forward? 

     My inspirations first and foremost must be myself.  These inspirations must come from a deep place within my essence. It is in the way I want to see myself and the person I want to become. I want to be person who lives up to my potential risks and all. I never want to let my fears immobilize me. I know we all have fears from time to time but paralysis or stagnation is not the way I want to live my life. I want to be a a person that can lead from the example my life will create. I want to be a woman that forty, fifty, sixty something women can look up to when challenges present themselves as the inevitably do. I want to be a woman that others can look to when their children move on, their workplace changes or that their personal goals have evolved.  I want to be a woman that my daughters or other young woman in their twenty’s can look at and see that life is what we make it by deciding to move forward.  I want women of all ages and men too to trust in their resilience and fortitude. I want to be an inspiration for own my life with enthusiasm and high spirits. I want to show others this is how life is meant to be lived.

     These inspirations are a beginning. I have thought about them for a long time. I have to take the leap of faith that I inherently believe in and have given to others. Now is the time to shine the light of trust onto myself. I will see where this path leads. The one thing I know for sure is that this is where and when dreams or goals will become actions. Actions when combined with passion will make life all the more worth while to live.

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